About Us

We deliver Lime based finishing plaster solutions that are multiple times more durable, return more than double the value on investment and are infinitely healthier and environment friendly as compared to acrylic paints and other conventional options. Our materials are natural and time only enhances their aesthetic and functional appeal. Our products are based on a material that has proven itself since past 7,500 years.

We harness the real potential of a humble natural resource (limestone) and deliver cutting edge solutions.

Acrylic paints and other conventional options simply cannot match the sheer value that our products deliver and can never last that long. There is another dimension to our products and that exponentially multiplies their obvious benefits. By securing a marriage between Lime plaster and waterproofing we can resolve chronic, leakage, moisture, mould and other problems pertaining to wetness. By its very nature lime stone resists mould, absorbs humidity and improves air quality. Our technology ensures that these solutions are aesthetically delivered.

We transform simple limestone in to a material that appears and feels luxurious and yet retains all natural benefits of a limestone. Using this material we deliver finishing lime plaster solutions that create tremendous value that enhances with time.

We are blessed with a team of professionals who perform their duties with conviction and absolute professionalism. We have created work processes that ensure discipline & enable us to improve continuously. Since 2010 when we started our operations, we have earned the trust, goodwill and delight of over 100 clients in cities like Mumbai, Pune, Alibaug, Igatpuri, Baroda, Ahmedabad, Mandavi, Vijaywada, Ahmednagar, Kolkata, Lucknow, Goa and Dehradun etc.

We are 'JBR Coatings and Insulations'. Our lime based plasters are marketed under the brand name 'Limocoat'. We manufacture full range of Lime based products locally using ancient wisdom and modern chemistry. “We make living comfortable”. This is not just our tag line but we have made it the very purpose of our business. We take the quality of our products and services very seriously to say the least. It is our endeavour to create a legacy of authentic customer service. The timeless values of trust, respect and excellence are the foundations of this legacy.