We deliver Lime based finishing plaster solutions that are multiple times more durable, return more than double the investment value, and are infinitely healthier and environment friendly as compared to acrylic paints and other conventional options. Our materials are natural, and time only enhances their aesthetic and functional appeal. Our products are based on a material that has proven itself in the past 7,500 years.

Limocoat's lime-based plasters are a premium and natural option for wall finishes. Our plasters are composed of aged lime and natural pigments, giving your walls a finish that closely resembles nature. The result is a luxurious look and feels that is comparable to high-end finishing materials like marble and stones.

We offer a wide range of color, texture, and effect options to choose from, allowing you to achieve a finish that can complement any surface, color, or décor theme. With its unique depth, shine, and luminosity, our lime-based wall plaster is sure to make an impression wherever it is applied.

By using our lime-based plasters and paints, you can achieve truly sustainable architecture while benefiting from the proven historical knowledge that lime plasters have to offer. They are suitable for a variety of spaces, including Villas, Restaurants, clubs/bars, hotels, theatres, offices, and any other interior space that requires high-quality wall treatments. Protect your building and enhance its beauty with our premium lime-based finishing plaster solutions.

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