Luxury Wall Finishes and Lime Plaster Solutions

Limocoat offers luxury wall finishes and lime plaster solutions that are significantly more durable, provide more than double the return on investment, and are much healthier and environmentally friendly compared to acrylic paints and other conventional options. Our materials are natural, and their aesthetic and functional appeal only improve with time.

Limocoat's luxury wall finishes offer a premium and natural option for walls and surfaces. Our plasters are made of aged lime and natural pigments, giving your walls a finish that closely resembles nature. The result is a luxurious look and feel comparable to high-end finishing materials like marble and stone.

Our selection includes a variety of color, texture, and finish options, providing you with the opportunity to create a luxurious look that can enhance any surface, color, or decorative style. Our luxury wall finishes have exceptional depth, shine, and luminosity, guaranteeing a striking impact in any location.

Using our luxury wall finishes and lime plaster solutions, you can create sustainable architecture while benefiting from the historical knowledge that lime plasters offer. Our products are suitable for a variety of spaces, including villas, restaurants, clubs/bars, hotels, theaters, offices, and any other interior space requiring high-quality wall treatments. Give a natural and rustic look to your space and enhance its beauty with our luxurious lime-based finishing plaster solutions.

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