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Polymerised Lime Plaster

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"Modern Wall Finishes: The Fusion of Lime Plaster and Polymer for Innovative Design = Polymerised Lime Plaster or Poly for short.

In the world of contemporary interior design, innovation often springs from the synergy of traditional elements and cutting-edge technology. One such dynamic pairing is the fusion of lime plaster and polymer—a combination that not only pays homage to time-honored craftsmanship but also harnesses the advantages of modern materials.

Lime plaster, revered for its historical charm and versatility, finds new dimensions when united with polymer additives. This union allows for the creation of wall finishes that seamlessly blend the beauty of tradition with the demands of present-day aesthetics. Let's delve into the captivating world of this hybrid approach.

Lime plaster, rooted in ancient construction practices, brings a sense of authenticity and textural depth to interior spaces. Its natural hues and tactile qualities evoke a sense of history, infusing an air of timelessness. Beyond its visual appeal, lime plaster has the remarkable ability to regulate moisture, contributing to a comfortable and healthy indoor environment—qualities that resonate even in our modern context.

Now, introduce polymer additives—an innovative twist that enhances the inherent properties of lime plaster. The resulting polymer-modified lime plaster delivers heightened durability, flexibility, and adhesion. This synergy produces wall finishes that not only capture the eye but also stand up to the demands of contemporary living, ensuring longevity and resilience.

The collaboration between lime plaster and polymer showcases the adaptability of traditional techniques in response to modern needs. This combination lends itself beautifully to a spectrum of design projects, from revitalizing historic spaces to shaping the aesthetics of avant-garde architecture. It provides a canvas for artistic expression, accommodating various textures, finishes, and color palettes to cater to diverse design visions.

Poly can be used in Wet areas and on Furnitures, Interiors or Exteriors.

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