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Texture Lime Plaster

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Limocoat Lime Plaster can be rendered in variety of physical textures. They offer textures that you can feel and it mimics natural stones. Since it is lime based, it has all the functional advantage of natural Lime Plaster.  

Our Texture finishes replaces expensive wall papers, Wall Tiles, Natural Stones, etc and creates bespoke walls by manipulating visual as well as physical textures. It is a join-free and thin finish. The single surface can be as large as 800-1000 Square Feet. Can be used for interior as well as exterior surfaces.

Pitted, Travertine, Lines, Drag are some of the textures available in various color options.

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  • Pitted 0001 Pitted 0001
  • Pitted 0002 Pitted 0002
  • Pitted  0003 Pitted 0003
  • Drag 0001 Drag 0001
  • Drag 0002 Drag 0002
  • Travertine 0001 Travertine 0001
  • Travertine 0002 Travertine 0002
  • Travertine 0003 Travertine 0003
  • Travertine 0004 Travertine 0004
  • Travertine 0005 Travertine 0005