Lime Plaster: Your UV-Safe Sustainable Wall Companion

Lime Plaster: Your UV-Safe Sustainable Wall Companion

Posted on 11-Oct-2023

Lime plaster is making waves in the world of sustainable building materials because of its eco-friendly and versatile nature. However, there is curiosity about its ability to withstand the sun's rays. In this article, we will explore the UV safety of lime plaster and why it is a great option for both interior and exterior walls.


To start, let's learn about lime plaster, it has been used by civilizations like the Egyptians and Romans for centuries. Its main ingredients are slaked lime, sand, and sometimes other additives for added strength. Lime plaster is famous for its ability to breathe, manage moisture well, and work with many different surfaces.


UV Rays and other traditional paints

Before discussing lime plaster, let's talk about what UV rays from the sun can do to traditional paints. They can lead to issues such as:

  • Fading: UV rays can cause colors to fade, especially on painted surfaces, fabrics, and plastics.
  • Deterioration: Over time, UV rays can break down traditional paints, rendering them brittle or prone to cracking.
  • Surface Wear: UV radiation can erode the outer layer of traditional paints, making them more susceptible to other forms of damage, such as moisture infiltration.


Lime Plaster's UV Safety

Now, let's focus on why lime plaster is considered UV-safe:

  • Mineral Strength: Lime plaster primarily consists of calcium carbonate, which naturally resists UV damage. Unlike some synthetic materials that deteriorate under sunlight, lime plaster maintains its strength.
  • Reflectivity: Lime plaster reflects a significant portion of UV rays, reducing the absorption of UV energy. This property contributes to its durability and longevity.
  • Self-Healing: Lime plaster can repair minor cracks and damages over time. Consequently, any minor wear and tear induced by UV exposure can be self-repaired.
  • Breathability: Lime plaster allows moisture to pass through it, which helps prevent damage caused by moisture, especially in the presence of UV radiation.
  • Historical Evidence: Old buildings having lime plaster have endured for centuries, providing substantial proof of their ability to withstand UV exposure and other weather-related challenges.
  • Resist Fading & Dulling: Limocoat's Lime plaster pigments rely on iron oxide pigments, known for their exceptional color stability, as they resist fading and dulling even when exposed to direct ultraviolet (UV) light.



To sum up, Limocoat's lime plaster is a reliable and sustainable option for UV protection in building projects. Its mineral composition provides strength, reflectivity, self-healing abilities, and breathability, making it an excellent choice for combating UV radiation. Whether you're restoring an old building or starting a new eco-friendly project, lime plaster is a dependable partner that will remain strong even when exposed to the sun's intense glare.